Benefits for Partners


  • Get all the assistance you need in order to sell your partner product successfully
  • Get all your training online, don’t waste valuable time in order to attend presence courses in distant cities
  • Find all the information you need online, in one place; stay tuned to all updates regarding product information, new features, pricing, etc.
  • Understand your performance in comparison with other partners and learn from best-practices. Take adantage of powerful coaching and consulting within your partner community
  • Benefit from regular sales promotions and special incentives

Benefits for Partner Managers


  • Keep your partners engaged and up-to-date
  • Save the efforts of organizing and coordinating presence trainings and workshops
  • Get an instant overview of important partner data, best practices and analytics
  • Ensure consistent management across all partners and complete coverage of all of them
  • Utilize a powerful tool to stronger motivate and incentivize your partners


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Monthly membership for partners provides add-on and refresh courses as well as monthly management. Stay engaged with your vendor in order to increase your success.

The ways software is sold also has changed with SaaS and cloud computing. As some guys, like Oracle's Larry Ellison for example, pointed out, delivering software as a (cloud) service has been around for quite some time. But now the difference is: SaaS or...

Cloud Selling

SaaS, often also referred to (in my opinion somewhat misleading) as Cloud Computing (which is more IaaS/PaaS related), means to provide a software application as an online service. Such services are accessed through the Internet (e.g. for groupware or email exchange) or sometimes through...

What SaaS (Software as a Service) Means For Sales

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