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  • Go-To-Market

    by Stephan Masyuta-Hesslich 12 Lessons in

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    Congratulations, you and your company have decided for a great software product. We will now assist you with preparing everything you need to launch and market it successfully.

  • Effective Branding

    by Stephan Masyuta-Hesslich 4 Lessons in

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    This course will teach what branding actually means and how do it right so your organization can benefit.

  • The Right Pricing

    by Stephan Masyuta-Hesslich 4 Lessons in ,

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    Pricing is not only a very important, but also a very sensitive issue and it is rarely done right. Pricing of your products and services has tremendous impact on your revenue and even more so on your margin. This course will provide some fundamental insights into popular price issues and will explain tools and methods […]