Lead Generation

Lead Generation

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This course explains how why it is imperative to pro-actively generate new leads instead of waiting to be approached by prospects. It shows effective ways how to do that and why you in Sales cannot solely rely on marketing campaigns to bring you new leads.



Are Trade Shows Lead Generators?

Length: 6 minutesAuthor: Stephan Masyuta-Hesslich

Many people, sometimes even experienced sales guys think that trade shows are a great place to generate new leads and sometimes even to win customers. This myth is fed by the media headlines, in which big deals at trade shows are announced (as this certainly makes better news than just announcing there was a show [...]

Target Accounting

Length: 5 minutesAuthor: Stephan Masyuta-HesslichComplexity: Standard

Many start-up companies, especially in an early phase, are quite desperate for business and they would accept any customer that comes along. But this is dangerous. If they are not the right ones, such customers can fundamentally distract your business. They might have very specific requirements that are not general and that are not relevant [...]

Meeting The Right People (The Buying Center)

Author: Stephan Masyuta-Hesslich

Now, after you identified your target companies, the question is how you can get to meet with them and introduce your proposition. That is what many sales people think is the hardest part in Sales, which by the way is why I think, having existing contacts is the most overvalued asset of a sales person. [...]